About Us

Fluffy Dice is a privately owned online website aimed at providing services and educational material directed towards young people looking at becoming part of the automotive community. Fluffy Dice aims to bring multiple industries together including car sales, an industry specific business directory including mechanics and driving instructors also a comprehensive page of useful links to key areas young people need to know about, for getting on the road in their state.

Currently the individual industries are governed by large corporately owned companies. They are very specified to their areas and in some cases can be stale and hard for the occasional user to navigate. The present environment sees a user having to visit multiple websites, and conduct multiple searches to find the information they are after.

Fluffy Dice hopes to break down this barrier and build a collaborative, simple to use website that allows young people to come and access a wide range of information tailored specifically for their current needs. With the use of State and Territory RTA’s, Police and the TAC Fluffy Dice will bring the most up to date, relevant driving information available to its core demographic.