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Use our online log book to keep your hours of your driving lessons.

Our free online learners log book is a web-based tool that can be accessed from your computer, tablet and mobile. We have designed it to make sure it is simple and easy to use. Through the online learners logbook you can record:

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Hours - Day time and Night time
  • Weather
  • Comments

First set your target hours - for example in Victoria, it is recommended you have 120 hours of driving practice, so set it to 120. 

Once you start taking driving lessons with your driving instructor or guardian, record your date, time and details about your drive. Did you drive in the wet condition? Or maybe you drove in the school zone or freeway? Driving in different environment and locations will help you understand the driving rules and will make you more prepared for the driving exam.

Each time you log your hours, the system will subtract the hours from target hours. For example, you start from 120 hours and you drive 4 hours in your first lesson. The target hours will be reduced to 116 hours. 

We understand each State has different required hours before you can go for your P licence so we made our logbook to allow you to customise the target hours. 

Our logbook can also be shared amongst multiple users - with your parents and driving instructor for example. You simply login to your logbook and enter their email address. The system will send a notification with a link to access your log book. The logbook is secured so only people who have received the invite can access. Having your data online allows easy access and can be viewed from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

All the data recorded on the logbook can be exported to Excel file or PDF file so you can print out easily.

To get started, simply create your account with Fluffy Dice and setup your account. Becoming a member is free. Start logging!

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