How to attach a trailer to your car

A time will come in every car owner’s life when they will be asked to help a buddy move house. Nobody likes it, but we all do it, because, well, that’s what you do. Since removal trucks can cost a couple weeks’ rent to hire – even for a single hour – attaching a trailer to your car’s tow bar usually becomes the most cost affective option to get the tedious job done. It’s also a useful skill to have for camping trips, DIY home projects, and more.


  1. Line up the centre of your car with the centre of your trailer, then raise your trailer tongue ball socket (or coupler) so that it will clear the tow bar ball on your car. You can use a jack to hold the trailer up.
  2. Very slowly back up your car until the coupler is over the tow bar. Lower the trailer until its full weight is on the tow bar ball.
  3. Close the coupler clamp to secure the ball to the coupler, then lock the coupler on the ball using a hitch pin or hitch coupler lock.
  4. 4.To ensure the trailer tongue won't hit the ground if it accidentally dislodges from the hitch while moving, run the safety chains under the tongue so that they cross one another.
  5. Next, plug in the electrical connections for the trailer lights and, if applicable, plug the trailer's electrical brake into your car.
  6. Drive forward slightly, then stop the car with the emergency brake on, and turn on the lights. Now is your chance to ensure all the trailer lights are working, and the trailer is firmly attached to your car. If it's ticks all round, you're good to go.