How to brace for a car crash

It’s an ugly truth that most of us will be involved in some level of car accident in our lifetime. No mater the severity, they are always unpleasant, and in many cases could have been avoided. Knowing how to escape dangerous situations is one thing, but knowing how to handle yourself when a collision is imminent is another.


  1. First up, remember to always keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your mind on the driving task at hand. Prevention is the best way to avoid an accident, after all.
  2. Use the car's safety equipment. It's there for a reason after all. This means seat belts should be worn at all times, no matter how short the trip, or how safe the situation seems. After all, you won't have time to put it on should an accident occur.You should also know where your air bags are, and ensure you sit at least 25 cm from the steering wheel to prevent injury caused by the deploying air bag.
  3. Keep loose objects in a safe place. Should a collision occur, you will have enough to worry about outside of your own car, so you don't want to deal with books or other heavy items flying up and potentially injuring passengers. Ensure all items are kept secured or placed on the floor.
  4. In the event the collision cannot be avoided and a crash is imminent, the best way to prepare for impact is to look straight ahead, and sit squarely against the back of your seat, ensuring the impact is distributed over the largest area possible. Brace yourself by holding firmly onto the steering wheel with flat wrists, and tense your muscles. Should the collision be foreseeable, this should help you to minimize personal injury.