How to change your car air filter

While we are all diligent to ensure we always have enough petrol in the car (right??), we can be a little bit more neglectful when it comes to monitoring the air levels. Air filters are designed to keep the inside of the engine free from dust and insects, and therefore need replacing from time to time to ensure air continues to flow freely and your car performing at its peak. Don't worry though, they are both inexpensive and easy to replace, and very easy to incorporate into your regular car maintenance routine.


  1. Secure your car on a flat, even surface, turn off the ignition and pop the hood.
  2. After locating the air filter (this is usually situated on top of the engine), you'll need to remove the air filter cover. To do this, you will need to loosen the hose clamp and undo all the screws holding the air filter cover. Pull the cover out of the air conduit, being sure to keep these screws together in a safe place.
  3. You will now be able to see your air filter, be it round or rectangular. Remove the filter by gently lifting it out of its housing.
  4. Clean the air filter housing using either compressed air to blow out dust, or a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt.
  5. Replace the air filter with a new one by inserting it into the housing with the rubber rim facing up. 
  6. Next, reattach the cover by carefully inserting it back into the air conduit and pressing the entire piece down on the lower half of the air filter unit, being diligent to ensure it's on straight and securely. Time to reattach all those screws you stores carefully...right? Check everything is firmly in place, then close the bonnet.