How to replace a blown fuse

A good portion of your car’s amenities run off fuses: you’re headlights, cigarette lighter, radio…the list, as you can imagine, continues. So what to do if one of these fuses blows? Head on down to your mechanic and have them come to your rescue? It’s a possibility, but in actual fact, replacing a blown fuse is a task quite easily performed in your own back yard.


  1. First step is to locate your fuse box. All cars will have their fuse boxes located under the dashboard (in front of your left knee when sitting in the driver’s seat), however many cars these days also have a second box that can be found under the hood. Conveniently though, the process for replacing these fuses is the same.
  2. After you’ve located your fuse box (it will be hidden behind a plastic cover, however clearly marked), open in up and revel in the site of a wide range of different coloured fuses, complete with handy diagram outlining which fuse goes with what.
  3. For the sake of an example, imagine it is your headlight fuse that you suspect has blown. Locate the fuse on the diagram, then using the provided fuse pullers, carefully extract the suspect fuse.
  4. If it is indeed blown, you’ll know immediately by looking at it. The connection, or ‘bridge’, running through the fuse while clearly be broken, and therefore will need to be replaced. This is fairly straightforward to do; simply use your trusty fuse pullers to pick up your spare fuse (spares will be located in the fuse box, unless you have already used them up, in which case contact your mechanic) and insert it into the same spot from which you pulled the blown fuse. Now you’re set!
  5. As a side note, if you remove the fuse and it’s not blown, there may be more sinister things at play, so head on over to your mechanic to get all other possibilities checked out.