How to replace brake light bulbs

While a blown brake light won't affect how your car runs, it is still incredibly important to replace as soon as you discover it, as it can lead to fines should a traffic officer decide to pull you up on it. It's incredibly easy to replace the bulb however, and definitely will not require a trip to the mechanic, assuming you have the time.


  1. First step is to remove the brake light lens from the outside using a screwdriver. Save yourself a headache later by putting these screws someone secure for the time being.
  2. Pull the entire bulb housing out of its hole. It will still be attached by wires so you won't be able to pull it out far, but you don't really need too much space for this.
  3. Follow the wires at the back of the light that you want to replace, which will lead you to the correct bulb holder. Unscrew this to reveal the faulty bulb - it should only take a quarter turn to pull it out.
  4. Finally, pull out that faulty bulb, and replace it with a shiny new one. Move back through the steps to reattach the lens, and you're done.